Greytown has a great selection of hair dressing salons on the Main Street, and a team of beauty therapists at Essentially You. All an easy stroll from your favourite café. Treat yourself to a makeover while staying in Greytown.
Calma Take the time to breath.... relax... live in joy... Hair & Make up Artistry for special events... Relaxation Therapies - Massage - Reiki - Reflexology - Holistic Beauty...
Magie B's Hair Team: Hairdressers: Highly qualified stylists
Therapeutic Massage: Mavis Saxton ran her own successful practice in North Yorkshire, England, before moving to Greytown. 
The Self Heal Clinic: At the Self Heal Clinic we believe your health is your most valuable asset, so our focus is to help you to identify and address the underlying cause of your health issues. We do this using a combination of clinical experience and various testing.